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Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping Locations

We will send  jewelry pieces to you worldwide  (excluding Balkans, Belarus, Burma, Cote D’Ivoire , Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Zimbabwe).

Shipping Methods

We provide two ways of shipping:

1. Standard Free Shipment:

A. ePacket will be the main standard free shipping channel for most countries. It will take 10-30 working days to arrive at most part of the world.

B. DHL Ecommerce, China Post Air Mail if ePacket is not availabe for your case shipping. 

2. Extra pay for EXPRESS Shipment:

If you want to see your package as soon as possible, you could pay 30USD extra to get this Express service. It will take around 7 working days to arrive most part of the world. DHL,EMS, UPS are the most commonly used ways for delivery. We will choose accordingly based on your location.

Shipping Speed

24-48 Hours to Send: We will send out your package within 24 -48 hours after receving your order payment. You will receive an email with tracking number after your package is sent.

After receving the tracking number:

Standard Free Shipping: 10-30 Days for most part of the countries, while some location can take 20-45 days

Express: 3-10 working days to arrive at most countries

Standard Free shipping speed may vary depends on your location:

Main Asian Countries: 10-15 days

Euro Zone & UK, Sweden: ~10-20 days

US & Canada: ~15-20 days

Australia & New Zealand: ~15-20 days

East Europe Region ( Romania, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, etc.) : 20-30 days

Africa: 20-40 days

South America: 30-40 days

The actual delivery time can vary due to different reasons. Delivery delays can be caused by events beyond the control of Light Stone and couriers, e.g. weather events, local disruptions like public holidays, customs or strikes.

Reference of Delivery Time for Standard Free Shipping for Some CountriesPlease note: the time reference above is only based on limited historical data. Information is updating from time to time.

Destination Country Default Courier Average Delivery Time(Days) 
Argentina China Post Air Mail 40.2
Armenia China Post Air Mail 34.7
Australia Epacket 14.1
Austria Epacket 14.7
Belgium Epacket 15.1
Brazil Epacket 29.6
Cambodia China Post Air Mail 13
Canada Epacket 15.1
Chile DHLE 28
Columbia China Post Air Mail 25.9
Costa Rica China Post Air Mail 34.2
Czech Republic China Post Air Mail 15.6
Denmark Epacket 13.1
Finland Epacket 17.3
France Epacket 14.4
Germany Epacket 15.3
Greece Epacket 24.7
Hong Kong (China) Epacket 11
Hungary Epacket 20.1
India China Post Air Mail 16
Indonesia Epacket 19
Ireland Epacket 11
Israel DHLE 18
Italy Epacket 19.9
Japan Epacket 12
Kazakhstan Epacket 21
Korea Epacket 11.2
Lithuania DHLE 17
Luxembourg Epacket 14.4
Malaysia Epacket 12.6
Mexico Epacket 30.1
Netherlands Epacket 11.6
New Zealand Epacket 14.9
Norway Epacket 14
Peru DHLE 18
Poland Epacket 16.6
Portugal Epacket 12
Republic of Belarus DHLE 19
Romania China Post Air Mail 20
Russian Federation Epacket 21.2
Saudi Arabia Epacket 21.9
Serbia DHLE 18
Singapore               Epacket 11.9
Slovakia Epacket 19
South Africa DHLE 27
South Africa DHLE 27
Spain Epacket 16.5
Sweden Epacket 16.7
Switzerland Epacket 14.6
Thailand Epacket 10.1
Turkey Epacket 24.4
Ukraine DHLE 19
United Kingdom Epacket 13.6
United States Epacket 13.6
Viet Nam Epacket 11.5

Data Source: TrackMore, 17Track 2019 Nov

To Track Your Order

You will be able to track through:

1. Third party tracking website:

2. Couriers websites:





China Post Air Mail:

Delivery delays may happen and be caused by events beyond the control of Herlm and couriers, e.g. weather events, local disruptions like public holidays, customs or strikes. In the event your shipment has not arrived within 10 days after the expected delivery time, kindly contact us. Herlm can start an investigation for lost items with partner couriers.

Please be cautious for the following seasons of busy mail traffic:

End of September to begining of October: Chinese National Holidays may cause possible sligtly slower proceeding time of packages in China

November 11th to Mid November: small delays may happen due to the 1111 Shipping Festival with more and more international orders happening during the festival

Black Friday to New Year: From end of Novmber to the Begining of next year. This is the worst season for delivery. Average delivery time is 5-15 days longer than the other time of the year. We don’t recommand any urgent purchase for the season.  

For help on dlivery: